Financial Times John Dizard: “Don’t bet on the silver boom”

TSI editor’s note: Financial commentator John Dizard writes at the Financial Times that silver will not be going up with gold in any future bull market. Dizard claims that silver investing is rather “part of an ideology,” that “…goes along with owning a semiautomatic rifle with lots of spare ammunition. Canned goods. Conspiracy theories.”

We’re sure Mr. Dizard is probably right. It isn’t as if grocery store shelves have been bare recently, or police departments have been disbanded.

Remember that up until recently financial commentators had such flattering names for gold as “pet rock,” and “shiny poo.” If you’re a contrarian, this insulting article actually portends a bright future for silver.

Continue reading at: https://www.ft.com/content/c768ef03-6695-45b4-b282-f73843f41543

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