In a wide ranging interview with Portfolio Wealth Group, Forensic Economist Rob Kirby notes tightness in wholesale silver bars

TSI editor’s note: Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics was interviewed by Michelle Holiday on Portfolio Wealth Group, and had some interesting things to say about the current supply and demand on the physical market. This included a story of an associate that had difficulty procuring large 1000 oz wholesale silver bars presumably for industrial purposes.

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  1. The premium that many or even most online sources are charging for 100 ounce and 10 ounce silver bars is higher now than it was last winter. But, what if silver does not take off soon, after all? Perhaps it is going to be range bound for several more months – only time will tell.

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    • They’ve suppressed the price this long, I agree and don’t think it would be surprising that they find new and creative ways to do it a while longer. That seems to be what the whole “exchange for physical” designation seems to have been in the COMEX delivery set up.

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