Legendary Truth-Teller Chris Duane, aka Silver Shield: We are entering “The Silver Age of Humanity”

TSI editor’s note: In a wide ranging interview with Ryan McCormick of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio, Chris Duane, the founder of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield coin series, discusses the current paradigm shift humanity is undergoing. Duane paints a picture of even more turbulent times ahead, but insists that in the long run their is a bright future awaiting. To get through to the other side of this tectonic shift, he recommends that people “Focus on the real things in your life. Focus on your family, skills that you have, focus on your real future.”

Duane sees a silver lining for those that hold the white metal: “Obviously, I’m a big fan of silver. This is a unique period to transfer wealth from this paradigm to whatever comes next… When the collapse happens everything will be measured against the amount of dollars in circulation versus the very limited amount of silver out there.”

To hear the interview between Ryan McCormick and Chris Duane click the link below: https://www.outerlimitsradio.com/machina/

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