Craig Hemke from TF Metals Report: JP Morgan likely to stop shorting silver in near future

TSI editor’s note: In an interview with Greg Hunter from USA Watchdog, precious metals analyst Craig Hemke states that silver could get to a 20-22 spot price this year, and predicts a 1970s style period of stagflation. He then goes on to carefully explain that what is happening on the COMEX right now is a significant departure from the norm and that deliveries of physical silver are ramping up.

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  1. Thanks for this post and link to the video interview. This is the best explanation that I have heard about how JP Morgan does manipulate the silver futures market. This is good news that their market interference may be nearing an end soon.

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  2. Larry – Thank you for taking precious time out of your day to visit. Our purpose with this site is to try to spread the word about the link between sound money and freedom. Certainly, there is no better example of how decayed the monetary system is than the COMEX.

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