Steve St. Angelo from SRSrocco Report: 21 is the key number for a silver price breakout

TSI editor’s note: In an article published on his website yesterday, Steve St. Angelo, the precious metals and energy analyst at SRSrocco Report, used technical analysis to predict 21 dollars being the key figure on a chart for a future silver breakout.

According to Mr. St. Angelo, “While silver is still lagging gold, I believe it will start to outperform the yellow metal once it finally BREAKS above the $21 level.  The monthly silver price has been stuck below the $18.50 level since 2016.  While silver has traded above $18.50, it has not closed above it.  We need to see the body of the Monthly Candlestick close above $18.50 for it to be a positive sign for traders.  And, with silver closing today at $19.16, we could see a move to $21 rather quickly.”

Continue reading at: https://srsroccoreport.com/silver-gold-breakout-above-important-technical-levels/

Photo by Lorenzo on Pexels.com

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