Ted Butler: “The silver market appears ready to blow its top”

TSI editor’s note: Ted Butler from Butler Research, is the equivalent of Professor Emeritus of silver analysis in the industry, and released an article today on SilverSeek entitled, “The Silver Pressure Cooker.” In his exposition, he states:

“As for why silver’s price relief valve has ceased to function (and gold’s valve is somewhat sticky), that’s obvious – the release mechanism was gummed up due to concentrated short selling on the COMEX. For years the concentrated short selling was led by JPMorgan, but the bank has recently abandoned the short side, leaving 8 other big shorts to deal with a mess when the lid blows off. “

He concludes by saying, “So, we sit and wait for the inevitable short covering and silver price explosion.”

Continue reading at: https://silverseek.com/article/silver-pressure-cooker

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