South African technical analyst Hubert Moolman: “Silver Offers A Golden Opportunity To Preserve Soon To Be Destroyed Value” #silver

TSI editor’s note: Long time silver bull, and technical analyst Hubert Moolman wrote an article for Silver Seek last week, in which he argued that the indicators show a very bullish set up for the silver market. Moolman discusses the utility of the Gold to Silver Ratio, the national debt, and the price history of silver. In his analysis, “The monetary system will collapse, which means the price of the debt will be paid, and will mostly be paid in the form of severe economic distress. In other words, the standard of living for many will be much lower.” But the good news is, according to Moolman, “Silver will be the biggest winner no matter how you look at it. Just remember, silver is still trading at 36% of its 1980 high, whereas gold is more than double the 1980 peak.”

Continue reading at: https://silverseek.com/article/silver-offers-golden-opportunity-preserve-soon-be-destroyed-value

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    • Larry––Exactly. There is going to be some major turbulence ahead in this market. It won’t be easy to weather. Better wear our seat belts that’s for sure!

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