Lorimer Wilson: “Something BIG Is About To Happen In Silver – Here’s Why” #silver

TSI editor’s note: Economic and financial analyst, and proprietor of the website MunKnee, recently published an article in which he had some encouraging words for holders of silver. In his own words: “I believe silver is at the very beginning of a historic rally that should take it to all time highs in the triple digits. The rally should be fast and furious as were the previous two in 1980 and 2011, my guess taking about 2 years or less this time.” Most of his analysis is based on the presumption that the precious metals markets will soon reenact their performance during their late 1970s bull run.

Continue reading at: https://www.munknee.com/something-big-is-about-to-happen-in-silver-heres-why/

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