“Silver Demand Exploding!” #silver

TSI editor’s note: Adam Hamilton, CPA, and owner of the zealllc.com, released an article in which he analyzes the dramatically increased demand for both paper and physical silver. He notes:

“The bottom line is silver investment demand is exploding.  American stock traders have flooded into SLV shares in recent months, vastly upping their silver portfolio exposure via the world’s dominant silver ETF.  This silver buying has proven incredibly persistent, continuing even when silver weakens.  That implies it is funds strategically building silver positions, on expectations for much-higher silver prices coming ahead.

The resulting enormous SLV-holdings builds are unprecedented, forcing them vertical to smash through many new record highs.  That is unleashing a powerful virtuous circle for silver, with investment buying driving silver higher attracting in even more investors.  Silver still has a long runway higher to mean revert back up to historic norms relative to gold.  And the Fed’s epic monetary inflation should keep demand high.”

Continue reading at: http://www.zealllc.com/2020/slvdmdex.htm

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  1. The ETFs do not have to back every alleged purchase ounce with actual metal. They have pieces of paper from the bullion banks and depositories. So, we really do not know how much silver these funds are actually acquiring.

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