“Silver Powers Above $20 an Ounce; Highest Price Since 2016” #silver

TSI editor’s note: First, as of 7/21, silver is now above 21, and at it’s highest price since 2014 according to Peter Schiff. In this article from SchiffGold, the author argues that the recent moves in silver are not necessarily surprising, as: “Historically, silver tends to outperform gold in a gold bull market, and we’re seeing that dynamic play out in the midst of gold’s current run up. The yellow metal is fast-approaching its all-time high in dollars. But silver futures have climbed more than 40% since the end of the first quarter, surpassing the 14% gain for gold futures during that same period.”

Continue reading at: https://schiffgold.com/key-gold-news/silver-powers-above-20-an-ounce-highest-price-since-2016/

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