Calvin Ayre at Seeking Alpha: “Yes, The Gold Silver Ratio Could Return To 15:1” #silver

TSI editor’s note: Mr. Ayre who goes by the handle “AustroLib” at Seeking Alpha, has posted an article in which he makes the case for a gold to silver ratio collapse back to 15:1. He posits that this would only be possible if monetary demand returned for the metal. He argues “if and when the dollar hyper-inflates, meaning no amount of real money, being gold, can be purchased anymore with paper dollars and the demand to hold dollar cash balances falls to zero, then the monetary demand for silver can – and I believe will – surge back with a vengeance and perhaps quite suddenly.”

Continue reading at: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4361101-yes-gold-silver-ratio-return-to-15-1

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