“SILVER RED ALERT! COMEX Dumps 2Boz of Fake Silver! Buy PHYSICAL SILVER ONLY! (Bix Weir)” #silver

TSI editor’s note: Few follow the paper COMEX silver market more closely than Bix Weir of the Road to Roota Youtube channel. We were looking forward to his analysis this morning, as he reports that yesterday was “the biggest slam in the history of the COMEX,” the equivalent of 2 billion ounces of silver.

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  1. Gotta factor in the RobinHood gang who were piling into SLV. I think they pulled the plug, JPM saw the tidal wave, and rode the wave out, front running with shorts. Today Thursday 13th, the market is getting back all the loses from Monday. Just a buck away. 30. 35. 40+ by end of August.

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    • SilverHawk – indeed. That was a brutal but very short-lived correction (so far). If the RobinHood folks ever figure out the paper game and pile into PSLV, it’s all over. Exciting times.


      • OK, then go to godlikeproductions and start a thread. I have no other idea than that, to persuade them. I also think with or without them, dilver is heading back to a more fair price. Something might be happening in September, of Biblical proportion, and this is why the way things are, are the way things are. I base every prediction of the future with checking what the Book of Revelation says, first. Then move to the next clue, then the next….

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