“Dave Kranzler: Gold, Silver Rebound After Sharp Selloff” – Arcadia Economics #silver

TSI editor’s note: In a new episode of Arcadia Economics, Chris Marcus interviews Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics, and the two discuss the recent resiliency of the gold and silver markets after the recent smash down in prices, and the decline of the dollar.

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  1. My favorite time of the week, the weekly Dave Kranzler Show. On my favorite youtube channel, Arcadia Economics. Anyone besides me think the coin shortage is because they’re mostly stamping 2021 coins that are going to be the “New Currency” ? The reset, that many believe is next year? No other country has this problem. Just a thought, from my subconscious investigative, subroutine program. Hopefully they go back to 90%.

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    • SilverHawk – That is certainly possible. It doesn’t make sense that the coin shortage would be because of “circulation problems” as they claim. Fingers crossed!


  2. Clue 1. Massive amount of closed businesses.
    Clue 2. Unemployed look for every means for money, like the couch, and that jar of change sitting there doing nothing..
    Clue 3. Ever see the Coinstar warehouse?
    Clue 4. Ever add up the total mintage of every coin minted from 1965?
    Clue 5. Old money has to be worthless in the new system.
    Clue 6. Bankers always win.
    Clue 7. Silver now mathematically worth 4000 an oz.

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