“Silver Price Volatility Is Increasing, And Here’s Why” John Lee on Arcadia Economics

TSI editor’s note: In this episode of Arcadia Economics, Chris Marcus interviews John Lee of Silver Elephant Mining, and the two discuss a range of topics, including technical levels for silver, increasing volatility, and why there are spikes in volume when the price gets hammered lower. Lee also puts it crystal clear that there are “a lot of market actors that aren’t exactly profit driven.”

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  1. Oh pleassssssssa. Another “market analyst” who thinks his prediction was based on market fundamentals. Wrong. The price of silver is based SOLELY on where JPMorgan WANTS the price to be. Nothing else. For a commodity thats technically worth $4000 an ounce, to be trading at $27, is criminal manipulation. Nothing else. JPM has the power to put silver at any price they want. When I predicted the beginning of this current run, on July 17th when silver finished the week at $19.33, I did so by using “market behaviour “. I sensed a change in how JPM was allowing the price action to behave. We hit $19+ twice, over the last year, before they decided this time they’d let it go higher. Why this time? Why not the slam it back down to $15, like in the past?? Bait and steal. Get this casino table hopping and make some money on the unsuspecting. I heard someone recently say that under financial law, that the American Financial system can only hypothecate 3 times on a stock, bond or commodity. In London, there is no limit on how many times one can hypothecate on a financial instrument. The bottom line? Who cares what the price is, under the Federal Reserve note system. It’s what it will be worth in the new money, coming soon.

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