“Silver Forecast: Looking for Support Just Below” – DailyForex #silver

TSI editor’s note: In a new article published on DailyForex, Christopher Lewis uses technical analysis to try to predict the short term trends for the silver price. Lewis argues that silver is currently hovering around support levels, and that fundamentally speaking as long as the central banks continue to print money, silver should be heading higher in the future. According to Lewis: “The Federal Reserve continues to loosen monetary policy so in theory that should continue to drive precious metals higher. Beyond the Federal Reserve, there are plenty of central banks around the world that are willing to do the same, meaning that “hard assets” such as precious metals should continue to be attractive over the longer term.

Continue reading at: https://www.dailyforex.com/forex-technical-analysis/2020/09/silver-forecast-looking-for-support-just-below-september-7-2020/150093

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