“Where there’s a silver tip, there’s a silver tap” – John Dizard #silver

TSI editor’s note (opinion): John Dizard of the Financial Times, wrote an article in July called, “Don’t bet on the silver boom,” in which he denigrated silver stackers as conspiracy theorists (you can find the article here), and has written another lovely piece of anti-silver propaganda. In his latest piece, he tries to calm the retail physical silver market by saying that the physical silver supply is actually more plentiful than people realize because much of it has simply gone into the ETFs. Dizard claims that “there was, apparently, a lot of silver to buy.” This obviously is counter to the reality of shortages at retail dealers across the country earlier this year. Dizard also finds a way to vilify silver by linking it with money laundering as if it wasn’t easier to money launder central bank fiat paper money which actually weighs a lot less. As such, he argues that the more highly regulated ETFs are safer to buy because they are regulated. Of course, he mentions nothing about precious metals leasing, rehypothecation, or the fractional reserve bullion banking system.

Continue reading at: https://www.ft.com/content/cc16f0ad-6b02-461e-b674-01a942ba4518

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