“God’s Money gold and silver shop opens in Marshall” – Marshall News Messenger #silver

TSI editor’s note: If a financial revolution occurs in a rejection of fiat paper monetary standards around the world, it is going to happen at the local level. That is one reason why we at The Silver Independent pay close attention to local coin shops. In this story from the Marshall News Messenger (Marshall is a small town in East Texas), the article describes a couple who have taken it upon themselves to open a new coin shop in town. The paper quotes the owner, Sam Manning, as saying “The dollar has really become a system where the rich just keep getting richer and everyone else suffers for it… With gold and silver you know that it is not only a sound investment, but will continue to be for years to come.”

Continue reading at: https://www.marshallnewsmessenger.com/business/god-s-money-gold-and-silver-shop-opens-in-marshall/article_8f12b176-fde7-11ea-bd0d-4f6c0cc29002.html

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