“Gold vs. Silver – Absolutely No Comparison” – Kelsey’s Gold Facts #silver

TSI editor’s note: At The Silver Independent, we are more than happy to publish articles that disagree with the silver thesis. Kelsey Williams is an analyst who has a very strong opinion about the future profitability of gold over silver. He says that “Silver is an industrial commodity with a secondary use as money. It is not a store of value.” We respectfully disagree, and point to an article we shared yesterday where a single silver dollar coin was valued at 3 million dollars at auction.

Continue reading at: https://www.kelseywilliamsgold.com/gold-vs-silver-absolutely-no-comparison/

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  1. I think silver is a marvelous investment.
    However, gold is a unique and historical store of value. From a financial point of view, gold is a tier one asset, according to the bank of international settlements. The only other tier one asset is the US dollar (and US Treasuries). The yen, euro, pound and Chinese yuen don’t enjoy this classification. Central banks around the globe (except the US Federal Reserve) have purchased gold in recent years thereby increasing their gold inventories. Yes, silver has been highly regarded as a store of value in past centuries as far back as 4,000 years. As long as these Central banks wield power in our current civilization, we can look forward to devaluation of world currencies through relentless inflation for years to come.
    Because silver has dramatic price fluctuations, I own silver to get rich. I own gold to preserve the modest wealth that I have achieved.

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